Since 2001 ThriXXX has provided high quality 3D animated interactive RPG sex simulation games. ThriXXX products offer the most realistic and lifelike sex simulations available and are created with sophisticated proprietary graphics technology developed in-house.

It all started way back in 2001 with a single-girl “masturbation” game called 3D Slut. The game was well received and helped to pioneer new dimensions in sex game technology. New features and girls were added, and the technology was continuously enhanced. The addition of male models enabled direct male-female sexual interaction in the game. Hentai3D, the first western 3D Hentai sex game available, and 3D Gogo, an interactive 3D dancer add-on for winamp, were released based on the 3D Slut engine.

In addition to better performance graphics and more complex game play enhancements, third party real-world sex toy masturbation products were implemented so users were able to use interactive sextoys to control the game and experience virtual sex in a whole new way. Game play sent signals to the toys via USB to simulate the feel of actual sex.

In 2004 ThriXXX completely rewrote the core engine and the entire product line. 3D Sexvilla, Hentai3D and 3DGayvilla were developed using new 3D technology, adding visual effects and user interface controls never seen before. The popularity and success of the product line allowed ThriXXX to expand its offerings and persue even more advanced technology.

A lot of new ideas, continued user feedback, and updated UI designs made it necessary to re-develop the technology from scratch once again to create 3D SexVilla 2.0. ThriXXX debuted the new version in fall 2007, followed by 2.0 Versions of Hentai 3D 2 and 3D GayVilla 2.

Stunning customization features have been added over the years allowing the user to manipulate the look and shape of the in-game models. Users can customize every aspect of the body including faces, age, race, gender, eyes, hair, skin, tattos, breasts, hairstyles, makeup and much more. Users can interactively pose the in-game avatar/models they customize and personalize, and can script and sequence animations to control every aspect of the simulation. They can create their own personal collection of sex scenes featuring their favorite models and a virtual Kama Sutra of sexual poses from soft core to hard core. Users can take screen shots like a professional photographer and record their own video clips. They can even create interactive sequences to build their own customized sex games.

At the beginning of 2009 ThriXXX started a new sex sim game community called Gamerotica. The site was developed to allow users to easily share their own user generated content. Content is peer reviewed and rated by other members, allowing users to earn points and rank within the community. ThriXXX also added the ability for users to create their own in-game clothing and scene textures which can also be shared on the site. The result is a thriving community sharing tens of thousands of user created items. A virtually endless supply of fresh content that includes sex toys, models, sequences, poses, videos, animations, outfits and scene textures.

The Gamerotica site also contains user forums for idea exchange, technical support and customer feedback. Users can even create 'linking' codes for sexy avatars so they can be used at social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace.

In the fall of 2010, ThriXXX demonstrated a “hands-free” sex game interface based on technology similar to the Microsoft Kinect. The resulting media storm was covered worldwide and led to speculation that the world was indeed coming to an end. You can watch the video here.

Since 2001, ThriXXX has invested millions of dollars into the development of its product lines and proprietary technologies making it the world leader in sophisticated interactive character animation and RPG virtual sex interaction and simulations.

Looking to the future? Thrixxx will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in a sex simulator. We are working with the latest virtual reality interfaces to bring you even deeper inside the simulation. Our upcoming Chathouse 3D product will connect users around the world in a realtime online orgy and social environment, showcasing new and intimate ways for users to interact. Our virtual playmates will continue to develop in form and function until we reach the virtual sex holodeck - and beyond!