Tips and Tricks on Pose Editing

This Page is meant to be a collection of handy tips on working with the Pose Editor.

How To move the whole model around

Set the Manipulator to the model's Hip and move/rotate while holding the key.

If you want to change the position of all the models at the same time, enable the All Persons Manipulating mode by either pressing the button or using the shortcut +.

IMPORTANT If the models are animated already, you will want to disable Key Editing while you are repositioning the models. This will move the models in space and offset all the currently animation to the new position as expected. Otherwise, if you move the hip joint the model will animate into the new world space position.

Enable the Key Editing option by either pressing the button or using the shortcut +.
With this mode enabled, all keys get modified at the same time. This works very well for translational manipulation, but not always for rotational animation!

IMPORTANT Remember to enable Key Editing again or you won't be able to set any more keyframes on your models!

How To modify multiple Objects

A single object can be selected by clicking on it with the Left Mouse Button while holding the button.
If the is additionaly pressed, the picked object will be added to the list that will be manipulated by the 3D manipulator.
Switching between translational () and rotational () manipulation will keep the multiselection active on objects that support the corresponding manipulation mode.
If an object cannot be picked in the 3D view, the Pose panel comes in quite handy to select objects! Also here, the key for multiselection works.

Each selected object gets hilighted in the Pose panel, showing you what objects will get manipulated at the same time. The manipulator itself is visible at the last selected object only.
Please note that manipulating works in each objects local space only!