Where do i buy SexPacks?

In the main menu, click on SexShop to open a window where all the SexPacks are listed that are available to collect. You can browse the SexPacks and view every SexPack in detail by clicking on its icon. If you like a SexPack and have enough SexCoins, you can:

a) put the SexPack onto your wish list in order to buy it later on or

b) click on ”…Add to Cart” and confirm the purchase with a click on “Checkout Cart” or

c) click on “$” in the main view and confirm the security message box to purchase the SexPack immediately. That's the fastest way to buy a SexPack.

Note: You can add several SexPacks to your cart and buy all of them all at once with one final confirmation. Note: Once you have bought a SexPack, you can't return, sell or trade it.

“Recurring Memberships Only”: SexPacks you own are valid as long as you are an active subscribing member of the game. If you start a new membership, the SexPacks and SexCoins you owned in a former membership are no longer available.