Change Locations in Scene

Fantasy Locations

Ever wanted to join the mile high club?
Here’s your chance to experience the fantasy
of flight and get on board a first class ride!
The ancient Romans and Greeks worshipped goddesses,
same sex lovers and fertility love gods. Prowl the
ancient ruins as an archeologist and hook up with
your favorite mythical virgin deity for some mind
blowing legend making of your own.
Sneak backstage where the real action is!
Special access to the exclusive areas where the
models hang out, relax and snack on each other.
Ho's and horse cocks! It's hoe-down time in the barn
for some skanky animalistic sex. Ride it hard and
put it away wet or hide-out and snuggle up in the hay loft.
A luxurious and relaxing bathroom with a penthouse view.
The time is ripe for a hot cum shower!
Everybody's favorite outdoor sex fantasy without the
sand up your ass and pussy cracks. Better than the real thing?
Apartment, house, playboy mansion, ‘no-tell-motel’,
they all have bedrooms. Anything goes behind closed doors!
It’s time for some advanced classes in sex education.
This could require some sucking up to the teacher to
get those marks up!
Not for the timid, this exclusive fetish club is well
equipped with fucking machines and cages. Settle in
with your personal dominatrix for a painful and scary
celebration of lust!
Inflict or receive as much virtual pain and stimulation
as you can stand without fear of injury. Explore the
thrill of being dominated and feel the burning afterglow
derived from pain!
The ultimate racing garage – hump your bride while
you’re pimping your ride!
Pump it up for a steamy sexercise session in the gym.
Warm up with some “floor” work and then it’s time to flex
your hardcore muscles on the treadmill and in the lounge.
Pomp and fancy wigs are all the rage in this tribute to
classical debauchery. A charming salon that would rock even
Amadeus' vulgar baroque world of yesteryear.
Up against the wall and spread! It’s time to pull out the
handcuffs and make some new friends in cell 69. We’ll see
you later in the “interrogation” room.
Get in the kitchen, fuck your partner with some vegetables,
then toss your salad or pound some meat, the possibilities
are endless.
Everyone wants to have sex with a brainy librarian! Whether
you're a campus eager beaver. A jock, or horny nerd, this is
the place to study hard for your next oral exam.
Do some real living, and get it on in the living
room. Chaise lounge, rug, or up against the wall…
everything has sexual
potential when you put your mind to it.
Cheerleaders and football go together like Mom and Apple Pie!
There are no rules in this locker room where 'touch football'
takes on a whole new meaning. This could also be the locker
room at your favorite gym, spa, pool, golf course or race track.
We won’t tell …
New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Venice, Shanghai … this
is one luxury penthouse loft that you can afford. The perfect
place to entertain your latest conquest.
Who hasn't fantasized about doing their boss or co-worker while
passing the hours away at work. Play naughty hot office sex games
with no political ramifications. Meet you at the photocopier!
Libidos rise when one with Mother Nature in a fresh air
autumn experience! Get cozy and intimate with a champagne
picnic lunch overlooking the waterfall, or go all natural
and get energized in the cool fall air with some healthy
public nudity lakeside. Welcome to grownup camping for
adults only, where roughing it in the woods takes on a
whole new meaning. Don’t forget to bring your camera to
capture the beauty of the fall foliage, or your horny
honey naked in your tent!
An oasis of calm right in the middle of the city…
But watch out - somebody could be coming around any moment!
Fine art nude photography or hard core photo sets.
Here's your chance to pose and pork your models
like a pro adult photographer. This is a fully
equipped studio with props, toys, and outfits galore.
Shiver me bone to the timbers. There is plenty of booty
to plunder for those adventurers willing to take the slippery
plunge and experience the life style of a pirate.
It’s time to cool off in the backyard and dip into a couple of beauties.
This is the life!
Tack on some angel wings and take a trip through the pearly
necklace gates to this heavenly paradise. Take full 360 degree
control of the camera and explore naughty angles that would make
cupid blush.
Open the blonde's back door, Hal!
You’ll see stars and supernovas in this orbiting sex station.
Probe black holes and shoot into the facial nebula.
'Shoulders back, chest out pelvis forward, and stride.
Stop, pose and turn'. There’s nothing sexier than a catwalk
model strutting their stuff on stage and these are the
fiercest catwalk poses you’ll find anywhere. Show off your
model portfolio capturing the glamour and essence of big time
modeling or just a private show for one!
The middle ages was a deviation for the path, an era of
increased barbarian invasions by Visigoths, Saxons, Franks
and Vandals, a tie where barbarian kings used swords, and
a wizards sorcery to rule. Check out the Romanesque baronial
palace where you can consolidate your power using he codes
of chivalry and courtly love to warrant the proper behavior
from princesses to peasant subjects.
What could be dirtier than having sex in a public toilet?
Try it out but take care! You never know who’s on the other
side of that Glory Hole!
Get onboard and take the helm of the luxury yacht 'Delight'.
Drop anchor by your private tropical islands and throw a deck
sex party for your hand selected crew where clothing is always
optional! Strip off your sexy shipmate’s yachting togs and sun
tan naked on the swim platform or relax in the hot tub.
Everything you have ever imagined can happen aboard this
private fantasy party yacht!
The Doctor's office is a 4 room clinic with a Reception Area,
Examination Area, Psychiatry Office and Padded Room.
Whether you need a routine checkup or prescription,
a breast exam to discuss a boob job, an enema,
need to donate sperm , or get a little plastic surgery,
the doctors and nurse here will take care of you
The Gentlemen's Stripclub joint features 5
different premium play areas: stripper stages
for pole dancing and floor shows, a bar area,
lap dance lounge, pool table area and games room and
a band stage. All the quality amenities to play
out ample fantasy stripper scenarios.
Steal away to a private luxury alcazar setting,
the 'Arabian Palace' for sweet Turkish delights.
Enter the forbidden Harem room for princely conquests,
a private patio area, rotunda, and super cool Hookah room!
Deep below the surface lies the mad doctor's dungeon and
sex laboratory, filled with unorthodox “scientific” equipment
for your fiendish sexual experiments. Enter the dank decaying
crypt where rotting goth girls lust for your blood and other
vital fluids. Develop your own secret methods to animate bodies
for your personal pleasure. The laboratory includes a full stock
of retro furnishings, including a high voltage Jacob's Ladder
for electro-sex, rotary operating torture table, and other
traumatic trimmings. Don't forget to download the laboratory
mod pack to truly make this location your own!
Breaking news! Coffee girl blows her way to the top!
Create your own hot stories in the broadcast news room.
Surprise the weathergirl with her backroom gang-bang video
when she's forecasting multiple orgasms!
It's closing time and the urban hipsters have all gone
home with their laptops. Time to give the new trainee
some of that special cappuccino cream you've been saving
up. What's that? It's too much to swallow? That's why they
call it a Grande honey!
That was a tough morning but you got through it.
Now you've got an appointment with your favorite concubine
in a steamy hot tub. She's wet and eager to peel off your
clothes and suck the stress right out of you.
You're starting to look forward to these business trips.
Down and dirty in the sleazy part of town.
You like to take the strippers out to the alley
where they can service you properly.
She'll blow you in the elevator on the way down.
Then you can fuck her brains out against the gate
so all the tourists can get a good view.
Bonsai! Oriental Gardens reflect the fleeting
impermanent quality of beauty and designed to
idolize nature rather than regiment her.
The ‘Garden of Desire’ is a Far East Zen-tastic
location for erotic meditation to restore harmonic
balance or a seductive semi-private walled garden
for aggressive public place sex. Relaxing and serene
with raked gravel, stepping stones, lanterns, Chinese
gate, and gentle creek.
Relax in this cozy mountainside retreat and
snare a ‘Snow Bunny’ for some après ski
seduction, schnapps and snuggly sex.
Curl up by the fire as you plow into
her tight valley, mount her slippery slopes
and show her what your ski pole is really for.
A perfect location for Tyrolean, Rocky Mountain,
Andean or any mountain retreat vacation fantasy.