Error Messages

Error Message Possible Solution
“LOGIN FAILED! Either username or password is invalid! Please ensure that your login information is typed correctly and EXACTLY as shown in your confirmation email (no additional blanks, regard case sensitivity!) and try again.” Tip: We recommend that you copy your credentials from the confirmation email and paste them to the login window to avoid typos.
“Account was blocked due to abuse! Please login to the member area to change your password!”Tip: Never share your passwords with your friends or other people online.
“Access not allowed (accessed too many accounts)! Try again later or contact: loginabuse [at] thrixxx [dot] comTip: Please wait 30 min before you try to login again.
“Entered login data is in use by another user! Other reasons can be: recent driver upgrade or using a 2nd PC/laptop. If so please wait a few minutes and try again. ATTENTION: A further simultaneous login can cause your account to be blocked!”Tip: Please wait 30 min before you try to login again.
“Your password has expired for security reasons. Please login to the member area on the website to set up a new password.”Tip: Don’t use the same password for everything. Use a different password every time.
“Account Error 17-XXX. An error occured while processing your request. Please login again” Tip: Your account isn't ready yet. It might take about an hour to setup your profile correctly.