FBX Importer / External Property Importer

First, locate the file


in your 3DSexVilla2 installation folder: This is typically

C:\Program Files (x86)\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\3DSexVilla2\ConvertTXS.exe


  • open the thriXXX Launcher, click on 3D Sex Villa 2
  • click on the (*gear) OPTIONS button
  • click on “Open Game-Folder”
  • you should see ConvertTXS.exe there

Now open the 3D Software of your choice, for example the free Software “Blender” (blender.org).
Create or load a simple object, for example a cube.
Scale the cube to a sensinble size, for example 25cm.
Assign a simple (phong) Material to it.
Assign a texture (an image file, preferrably in .png format) to it.

Now click export and choose 'fbx' (Autodesk fbx) format.
Save your scene into your current Mod folder as “test1.fbx”.
You can find the Mod folder in %appdata%\thriXXX\3DSexVilla2-Everlust\Mod.

Now also copy all (.png) images you used in that scene directly into your active Mod folder.

Open the folder where you saved that test1.fbx file and drag&drop it onto the ConvertTXS.exe
This creates a similarly named file “test1.txs”. (txs means thriXXX-scene)
Now open the file “test1.log” with a text editor (Notepad) and check if there were any errors.

Reload your Mod ingame and you should see your test cube somewhere in the center of the room.

If you cannot see the cube, check for the following issues:

  • you may have created the cube too small (maybe 25 millimeters instead of centimeters?)
  • you may have created the cube too large (maybe 25 meters instead of centimeters?)
  • you may have set the cube to fully transparent, instead of fully opaque.
  • you may have moved or placed the cube too far away from the scene-center.
  • you may have used an advanced material type or no material at all instead of a simple phong material.

When you finally upload your mod, please do NOT include the original *.fbx or *.log files.

Advanced commandline use:
you can open a console window directly in your active mod folder, and use the command

"C:\Program Files (x86)\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\3DSexVilla2\ConvertTXS.exe" filename.fbx

you can also add the following option(s) to the commandline:

  • --invert-transparency : a workaround for buggy fbx exporters in some 3D software

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Sample Scene