FBX Import / ConvertTXS

Since Update 2.5.1 all 3D SexVilla2 based games (3D SexVilla 2, 3D GayVilla 2, Hentai 3D 2) support importing of external scene geometry. To enable this feature, you need to own the Import External Props SexPack for the games where you want to use it. Additionally it is recommended to have the Pose Edit, to be able to make poses for newly imported props.

How does it work

We assume that you have basic knowledge of mod creation for locations, because importing FBX files is an addon feature for it. With FBX files you're able to extend your mod with additional geometry.

  1. Let's assume you have an FBX file you want to import into your location mod.
    1. If not, you can download our sample location mod, which includes working FBX files here: https://cdn.punux.com/uploads/thriXXX_FBXImport_Sourcefiles.zip
  2. With your game installation, a new executable is installed now called ConvertTXS.exe. FBX files cannot be imported directly into your game, but need a conversion step in between. This executable is responsible for converting your FBX files into TXS format (short for thriXXX Scene).
  3. Drag-and-Drop your FBX file onto the ConvertTXS executable and it gets converted to the TXS file. This TXS file, along all textures that are required for the scene, can now be put into your location mod folder and will then get loaded when starting the location. Additionally a log file is created. If you have problems, take a look at that log file to see if there are error messages after conversion.
    1. You can use the reload mod shortcut Alt+R when you make changes to your TXS files and reload them on the fly!

Supported Features

Not all features that are supported by FBX are also supported by the TXS format. You can include the following types of objects in your FBX files:

  • Transforms with translation, rotation, scaling
  • Joints/Bones
  • Polygon Geometry: Triangles are recommended, other primitive types get converted to triangles.
  • Skinned Polygon Geometry: recommendation is to use 4 bones per vertex at max
  • Lambert Shader
  • Phong Shader
  • 2D Textures
  • Blendshapes
  • Animation of Transform/Joint translation, rotation and scaling,
  • Animation of Blendshape weights


The converter is installed next to your game executable. When using default paths with the thriXXX Launcher, ConvertTXS.exe is installed at the following locations:

Game Install Path on 64 bit systems Install Path on 32 bit systems
3D SexVilla 2 C:\Program Files (x86)\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\3DSexVilla2\ C:\Program Files\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\3DSexVilla2\
3D GayVilla 2 C:\Program Files (x86)\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\3DGayVilla2\ C:\Program Files\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\3DGayVilla2\
Hentai 3D 2 C:\Program Files (x86)\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\Hentai3D2\ C:\Program Files\thriXXX\Launcher\Games\Hentai3D2\

DirectX9+Shader Metal / Normal

Normal and Metal can also be used on the shaders. Normaltextures must be used on the normal channel.
Since most of the modern 3D Software Packages don't support a specific Metal channel, 2 workarounds are available to get Metaltextures working. Either use them on the shininess or the specular channel of the shader.
Normaltexture filenames must end with a _norm, Metaltextures with _metal suffix, before the file extension of course. E.g. object_norm.png, object_metal.png.

Transparency / Alpha Issue

FBX files are rather inconsistent when it comes to alpha/transparency values on shaders, it usually depends on the software that exports the file. The converter assumes that the transparency value on shaders is actually inverted, because Autodesk Maya does so. Blender on the other side, does not do that when exporting transparency values. The converter auto-detects if Blender was used and inverts the transparency values.

Additionally ConvertTXS supports a commandline option to forcibly invert the transparency values.
Start ConvertTXS from the commandline: ConvertTXS.exe --invert-transparency <path_to_your.fbx>


Please take a look into the FBX files contained in the sample mod: https://cdn.punux.com/uploads/thriXXX_FBXImport_Sourcefiles.zip