GAMEROTICA (not available for all games)

What is Gamerotica?

Gamerotica1), The World’s Largest Free Sex Sim Game Community!

Where do i find Gamerotica?

You can find gamerotica here: → Gamerotica

What’s Gamerotica All About?

  • Free access to screen shots, video clips, and forums.
  • Exclusive collectible game content so called SexPacks!
  • Upload and download shared user generated content from other gamers.
  • Adult sex game community forums!
  • Meet people, share tips and advice with like-minded gamers worldwide.
  • Sex game news!
  • Keep informed about updates and what's going on in the virtual sex world.

Collectible Game Content

What are "Points" and "Share Points" for?

Basically only for your ranking on Gamerotica.

  • Points can be collected by:
    • uploading content
    • voting
    • writing comments
    • writing posts in the forum
  • Share Points can be collected by:
    • uploading content
    • good voting for your uploaded content

Furthermore they determine your upload limit. The more points, the higher your ranking, the more you can upload.

How can i get the Gamerotica Awards ?

  • Share award: Uploading a lot and getting positive votes will bring you this award
  • Post award: Post in our forums, POOOST!
  • Comment & Vote award: Write comments and vote for shared content
  • Download award: Well… download, download download :)

How to download and install items from Gamerotica?

As soon as you become member on one of our sites you will also get a Gamerotica Account for free

  • Login into Gamerotica
  • Search Gamerotica for an item you like → Suitable Ingame Items
  • Select on an item of your choice
  • Click on Download
  • Click on Download Now (name_of_game)
  • A Download File Dialog opens
  • “Save” the downloaded file somewhere you like and execute it (this file is a little installer that helps you to save the item in the right folder)
  • At the end of the installation you may start your Game and use the new item or continue downloading

You can find more "How to" information here

How does Private Messages work?

You can send other users private message.

  • Visit the profile page of a user and click on “SEND MESSAGE” below his Avatar image
  • Click on the letter symbol on the right top menu. Click on “NEW POST” to write a private message.

After sending the private message it will be displayed in your “Outbox” as long as the other user hasn't read your message.

You may get notification messages from the Gamerotica system user “admin”. You don't need to reply.

You can't send private messages to the Gamerotica staff. Please use the Gamerotica contact page if you have feedback or questions. →

I can't delete my uploaded content anymore

I get a message “You can only delete your items in the first 7 days”. That's ok and intended.

How much can i upload?

The basic limit is 1 item per category within 1 hour and 3 items per category within 24 hours. Categories are: screenshot, model, sequence, movie, texture, toy, pose.

If you go up the rank on your limit may increase. Take a look at “Share Points” above.

  • Top 1: 10/h, 30/d
  • Top 3: 8/h, 24/d
  • Top 10: 4/h, 12/d
  • Top 50: 2/h, 6/d

When i upload a ingame movie to i get "an HTTP error occured ... '0'"

There are two main problems:

  • Size: sadly you don't really know how big the size will be as movies will get converted on the fly before they will be send to our servers. So checking the file size on the disk will not help much. If you keep your movie length between 1-2 minutes you should be OK.
  • Upload speed: usually your upload speed is WAY LOWER then your download speed. That's a general rule for every ISP. The lower your upload speed the more likely your upload will time out.
1) Gamerotica is still in BETA