The Thrixxx Launcher

The Thrixxx launcher is your springboard menu for launching all your Thrixxx games. It updates with the latest promotions and also shows a summary of your account information.

The Main Panel

1) Click these Menu Panels to visit sites and install products
2) Additional pages of good stuff
3) Your personal info and stats
4) Your avatar
5) Visit the Thrixxx support website

Menu Panels

Clicking on a game like 3D Sexvilla 2 or 3D Gogo 2 will open up a sub-panel with additional links.

* Media - view videos and promos
* News - details on the latest updates and features
* Play - launch the game or go to the download page
* Download/Share - get a short link to share through email or social networks

Status Icons

Some of the menu items in the launcher have status icons. Here's a quick guide to them. Add this game to your catalog of games

Doing something - probably installing!

You own this game. click for version info or to uninstall.

User Profile

* Your user name is a “nickname” that is automatically assigned. You can change it by hitting the when signed into the launcher
* Your level grows as you do things like post in the forums, etc.
* Logging out logs you out of the launcher but not any active game sessions that you may have started

Click to go to your settings page.

Shows how many private messages are in your inbox. Click to see them.

Shows how many of your friends are currently online. Click to see a list.

Shows how many system notifications you have. Click to see them.

Shows number of items in your cart. Click to checkout.

Installing Games

Follow these steps to install a new game:

1) Click the game you want to install

2) Accept the Terms and Conditions

3) The game will download and verify. Then you can click “start” to launch it