• Start the Game using the proper icon on the desktop or go ot Start → All Programs - thriXXX → (Name of your Version eg SexVilla 2 - Everlust) → Start.
  • Enter your Username & Password inot “Account Settings” area and click on “Login”. Make sure Members icon top left corner is highlighted to login
  • After games starts an update and file verification takes place if required.
  • After verification complete choose “New Scene” to continue.
  • Choose a model you would like to be (mySelf) and the models you would like to interact with SexMate and 3SomeMAte. (Choosing MySelf & Choose SexMate)
  • Click on QuickMode to start role play right away. FreeMode will allow you to choose a location manually if more locations are available.
  • Click on the “Globe Icon” ,the center button on the QuickBar in lower region of screen, to open the SexBrowser and select a Pose from a folder. → Shortcut
  • Close SexBrowser window to return to the main view-port after making selections.
  • Control cameras with either the mouse or keyboard. Mouse: LEFT CLICK = Rotate camera, Mouse: RIGHT Click = Zoom and Pan with mouse. Use one of 4 'Arrow' keys : left-right & up-down on keyboard. If using number keypad make suere Num Lock is turned on.
  • To undress hover over a model and Mouse: RIGHT CLICK click to get pop-up to either Undress, Customize or change Camera perspective.
  • To change pose location click on Change Location area, top right hand side area, and Click Green Down arrow icon, then mouse click in scene to relocate pose on screen. Use ESC key once satisfied with pose to continue play. Main menus and navigation controls will return.
  • To manually control models body actions if an “interactive” pose is in use (example missionary pose) click on region of the hip and start moving mouse back and forth. Avatart will follow action.
  • Speed controls sliders for interactive poses will also pop-up. Speed can also be controlled with '+' (plus) and '-' (minus) keys on keypad.
  • Click Customize to learn more about changing a default avatars actions.
  • Don't forget to check out www.gamerotica.com for additional ways to customize the game with user generated content!

Quick Link to Keyboard Shortcuts