Sharing Content
The primarily focus of Gamerotica is to allow subscribers to share content they create in-game with others. To then build a community around this content and content creation. Content like “gallery” style screen shots, “models” and “sequences” can be imported and exported into the game. Sharing expands your game play options even if you are not a content creator.
cdn.gamerotica.com_images_tour_tour2_shareitem.jpgTagging Content
Many details are included while viewing a shared item. Each item can be rated, commented, added to favorites and watched. Items are listed by member and tagged for easy searching and sorted by Top Contributor, Newest Items, and Top Downloads.
Sharing Sequences
Sequences created in game can be uploaded with auto-generated preview snapshots created to help you browse an index of sequences you can view and edit. Members can download shared sequences, import them into the game, and sit back and watch replays in high resolution 3D. Shared sequences are lightweight downloads that easy to collect.
Members can create their own avatars from the preview images on shared items. Use your avatar on Gamerotica or on any other web site. Sexy avatars available on the site can be upload for personal use and “quick posted” at Facebook, MySpace, Live Spaces, iGoogle, WordPress, Xanga, Freindster, Comment, Bebo, Tagged, Blogger, Hi5, Orkut, Piczo and others.
Searching and Sorting
As the collection of shared items grows, the use of the sorting and filter becomes useful. Sort list to find the most popular or most downloaded content. Advanced search is available to help filter results using keywords. Sort results by name, views, rating, comments in any order.
User Profiles
Clicking a members username will bring you to their “share profile” which displays their most recent uploaded content. You can preview all of another members content or categories. Once you have previewed you can decide which content to download.
In-game video can be created in two ways, recorded in real-time or scripted replay. The easily captured video clips can be uploaded to the community to be shared . Create your own virtual porn videos then share with others and build a peer reviewed content empire and become a publishing mogul!
Track your favorite content producers or items. Create a favorites list and to help keep control of your growing library of screen shots, models, and videos. Monitor the site for new content additions to keep up to date with your favorite niches.
Get Notified
“Watch” an item to receive email notifications when new comments are posted on that item. When a favorites item is updated you will be notified so you won't miss any hot updates and be kept up to date about what people are talking about!
Overview of the most recent activity on the site can be viewed in real-time via the Spy page. As new content or comments arrive from any member you can see the activity posted as it happens.
Most items submitted by other users have tags. Use tags to search and find similar content throughout the entire indexed site. Find niche content that best fits your particular fetish or fancy easily.
Profile Customization
Your profile page has a mini-feed of your most recent activity on the site. Additionally there is a “wall” where others can leave comments and feedback. There are many other profile customization options along with forum preferences that can be used to personalize your account.